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Peter Panduranga Bayreuther: Bio

Peter Bayreuther

composer, jazz violinist, overtone singer -

love&peace             NEW MUSIC FOR THE WORLD

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Peter Bayreuther, born 12.2.1955 in Minden/Westfalia in the West/North of Germany. Father Ernst teacher for the arts and pianist, Mother Gisela, studied history of the arts, viola player. His second name stems from his ancestors, who emigrated 300 years ago from the town Bayreuth in the South of Germany, known for Bayreuther Festspiele, the festival of Richard Wagner’s music. When Little Peter learned of German history, he decided to take the worldwide known German composers Bach, Mozart and Beethoven as role models and set a personal contribution and symbol of peace for the world. At the age of 7 he started to learn the violin and performed as a youngster at the Mindener Stadtheater a violin concerto of Johann Sebastian Bach. At the age of 18 he started to study music  at the University of Münster and spent 18 month in England in community projects instead of military service. He finished his studies summa cum laude in 1978. He got in touch with Yoga through the violinist Yehudi Menuhin and became a fan of sitar player Ravi Shankar.

He was activ in the German Free Jazz scene and played with well know musicians as double bassist Peter Kowald, Martin Theurer (piano)and Sybille Pomorin (sax).

He directed a union’s choir with rock band in Münster and taught Music at the University of Oldenburg, the College for Social work in Bielefeld and the Kulturzentrum Wilde Rose, Melle where in summer 1984 he fell in love with his wife Karin, a singer, actor, dancer and poet. Peter and Karin developed a very fruitful artistic relationship: they wrote together about 400 songs, published close to 20 CDs and founded projects together like Wawaphonie, Herz zu Herz, Erotik in Lila, Erotik im Herztakt, Heart:Heart, KinderVomUniversum (children of the universe), Chakra, Szenen einer wilden Ehe (scenes of a wild marriage), 12 Kinderlieder aus der Steptanzpyramide (12 children songs from the tap dance pyramid). They appeared on TV and radio, toured all over Germany and down to Chicago, Bangkok, Hollywood and Liverpool, where Peter initiated at the Cavern Club in 2001 the European innovative music festival Lovegeist. BBC Liverpool aired their song “Castle of my Soul”. Peter founded 1984 the E.I.S. Erstes Improvisierendes Steichorchester (First Improvising String Orchestra), 20 violins, celli and double basses with new improvisational music concepts and compositions from him like “Liebesleid” and “Lustig”. These two pieces were hits from the first time the orchestra performed them and are still played today by the E.I.S. This unusual orchestra was enthusiastically received and more than 200 hundred concerts followed in Germany and Switzerland. Highlight of TV presence: Bio’s Bahnhof on best broadcasting slot 20.15h nationwide with the famous host Alred Biolek. 1988 founding of the music performance duo Brain&Body;, Peter doing the body music: violin, singing and tap-dance, music professor Wolfgang Martin Stroh electronic beats. 1989 Peter starts to study overtone singing with Michael Vetter – nowadays he has added the Mongolian style of Hosoo to his repertoire too. He studied the principals of overtone harmonics and let them influence his compositional work. In the nineties lots of releases of CDs: Multidimensional Reality, Chakra Journey, Abfahrt Freihalten, Perlen vor die Säue, Castle of my Soul, Die andere Zeit: a unique style of artistic rock music with world- and Jazz elements is evolving… In spring 2003 Peter released his first solo album ACCEPTANCE , available worldwide at, in May 03 the first Peter Bayreuther fan club was founded by enthusiastic Youngsters. In July 03 Peter gave a long interview at Radio Aktiv/Hameln. In Aug 03 he played the Schüttorf Open Air with great success and made international Contacts at Popkomm/Cologne. In 2004 he is founding his own world music orchestra: a stunning live program is available: his own songs with his own voice in an intriguing artful and entertaining live show, with a bunch of great musicians! Peter Bayreuther & his World Music Orchestra. In 2005 he played in his home town Melle a concert every week in a socially deprived area around the station and gained a big fan community from all ages, professions and ethnical backgrounds! Peter is able to bring his concept of the Helden der Liebe (Hero of Love) across, to encourage his audience to accept, appreciate and love themselves and so develop the courage and ability to love others… This weekly concert series was performed for nearly two years! On April 12, 2006 Peter and Karin got married, after 22 years of being lovers and artist colleagues to confirm their lifelong strong love for each other; there was a great wedding party with lots of live-music! In spring 2007 the new album “violin 9 sisters” was released. Subject are nine aspects of our personality in a modern interpretation of the 9 muses myth by Kris/Toronto. For May, 26th Alte Stadthalle, he composed a night long serenade for E.I.S.Stringorchestra, children tap dancer and Tekkno-Dj with the title “Peter Pan”: the wild, magic inner child… The rock band TRANS4MATION was founded with Josef A.Balcar (6stringBass),  Peter on Violin, Karin singing, and Daniel Rudka, drums. In Aug 2007 their first live-Album appeared, and made great Impression on the Krautrock-community! In December 2007: Om Tara – a new band with Indian music: sitar, tabla and Peter on violin: it felt like coming home, the inner sweetness of the ancient Vedic tradition – the violin in playful interaction with sitar. 3 Live-Albums available: “Ekstase des Herzens”, “Mut des Schmetterlings” and “Liebe ist der Weg” . In January 2008 his Mother Gisela is moving in at his place and inspired by his dear mother Peter records his new album in his own studio: “7 Spirituelle Lieder” German kirtan-songs to sing along – the yoga and new age community is welcoming Peter Bayreuther to expand their beneficial influence for the people in Germany and all over the world… April 2008: Peter again teaching at the University of Oldenburg: Jazz- and Rock improvisation for violin, big applause for Brain&Body;live in concert. Sept 2008: the new album of Trans4mation “Karma” is out in the public… Nov 2008: Special prize for musical life achievement for Peter and Karin by German rock-and pop musicians association. Jan 2009: “Pan meets Daphne” Overtone suite for meditation in 5sets.

 March 2009 starts cooperation with Ariel Cyber PublicRelation/New York to make his musical work known  all over the world! 

Recording of “Neptun meets Arielle” on the Atlantic coast in La Palma, Canary islands  More than 1000 followers on

Series of 7 concerts "Offenes Singen" (Open Singing)

In 2010 release of the singles "The Heart Is my Compass", radio in India)  

"Let'sWork Together",

"Violet Is dreaming" and

"Bliss Spiral" - all together with videos:

  Video The Heart Is My Compass

Video Let's Work Together

Video Violet Is Dreaming

Video Bliss Spiral   already recorded - to be published soon!

Start of education to be Yoga teacher together with Karin.  In Oct 2010 India tour.